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Winmate offers industry-leading products and services while offering unrivaled capability in its markets. We are a technology leader in many areas. It might be surprising to a few people that rugged mobile devices work just like any other consumer device, but with the added benefit of being designed for extreme scenarios. Rugged mobile devices are designed to tolerate hazards such as drops, vibrations, and exposure to fluid containment, typically encountered by workers in the transportation, manufacturing, construction, and public utility sectors.

Rugged devices are tested for various environmental conditions both at field and lab to maintain an excellent standard of durability and operability. Over the last decade, modern rugged mobile devices have evolved to possess more features, tools, and Ingress Protection (IP) than ever before.

As a leader in industrial computing, Winmate is committed to providing the best rugged solutions to help users accomplish their tasks, even in extreme operating conditions. Winmate’s ground-breaking solutions are adopted by many Fortune Global 500 companies, governments, and industrial applications in every corner of the world. We have earned the trust of industry leaders with our best-in-class rugged solutions tailored to meet the needs of global applications.

Founded in 1996, Winmate Inc. is a pioneer in rugged computing technology. Winmate has provided business leaders worldwide with reliable, rugged solutions made for the most challenging industrial conditions for over two decades. As one of the first companies to manufacture industrial displays and touch screen devices, the company has continued to refine its signature ‘rugged’ technology and engineering expertise to create high-performance products, including Rugged Laptop, Rugged Tablet PCs, Panel PCs, Embedded Applications, Industrial Display Solutions, Vehicle Mounted Computers, Military/Marine Grade Solutions, and Ultra-Rugged Tablet PCs. Besides developing hardware for ODM/OEM and system integrators worldwide, Winmate Inc. also specializes in customized solutions for unique industrial applications as per customer requirements.

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