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Newsletter20210819 2021 Industry Era

19 Aug 2021

Winmate Named Among “10 Most Innovative CEOs 2021” by Industry Era

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Newsletter20210707 PR CEO

25 July 2021

Winmate Offering Advanced Rugged Computing Solution

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Newsletter20210701 White Paper Healthcare

1 July 2021

White Paper: Futureproof Your Healthcare IoT with Advanced Rugged Computers for Telehealth, Patient Care and Emergency

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Newsletter20210624 30 Fastest Growing of 2021

25 June 2021

Winmate Named Top 30 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies of 2021 by The Silicon Valley Review

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Newsletter20210601 AU EXPO

1 June 2021

Winmate and Backplane Systems Technology (BST) Launch Military, Defense, and avionics applications at Australia Land Forces EXPO

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Newsletter20210531 White Paper Marine

31 May 2021

White Paper: Cutting-edge display and computer solutions to enable the vessel bridges of the future

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Newsletter20210519 Smart Manufacturing

13 May 2021

Winmate Smart Manufacturing Solution at AIBP Insights 2021 online Conference

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Newsletter20210510 ISA IIoT and Smart Manufacturing

10 May 2021

We hope to see you at the 2021 ISA IIoT & Smart Manufacturing Virtual Conference on 11 May!

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Newsletter20210401 CIOBulletin Award

1 April 2021

Winmate Receives 2021 CIO Bulletin Award for 5 Best Health Tech Solution Providers 2021

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Newsletter20210323 ASIA IOT

23 March 2021

Winmate Smart Manufacturing Solution at AIBP Insights 2021 online Conference

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Newsletter20210223 nordic

23 February 2021

Winmate to Showcase Marine Grade Solution at NORDIC Maritime Conference online

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Newsletter20210128 White Paper Military

28 January 2021

White Paper: Everything You Need to Know About Military-Grade Rugged Computers

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Newsletter20210126 CES ReceapVideo

26 January 2021

Winmate at CES 2021 – Watch the Recap Video!

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Newsletter20210119 Marine Series

19 January 2021

Freight Transportation Systems with Winmate Marine Series

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12 January 2021

Winmate Receives 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award for Ultra-Rugged Tablet M133 Series

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Newsletter20201224 Happy Holidays From Winmate

24 December 2020

Happy Holidays From Winmate

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Newsletter20201217 Winmate Launches New Website

17 December 2020

Winmate Launches New Website

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Newsletter20201105 Marketing Portal

5 November 2020

Introducing Our New Winmate Marketing Portal

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Newsletter20201022 One of the 10 Best CEOs of 2020 by Industry Era

5 November 2020

Winmate CEO Ken Lu Honored as One of the “10 Best CEOs of 2020” by Industry Era

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Newsletter20201013 Access Control Application

13 October 2020

Meeting Room Access Control Solution

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Newsletter20201008 Most Innovative Companies To Watch 2020

8 October 2020

Winmate Recognized By CIO Bulletin’s 30 Most Innovative Companies To Watch 2020

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Newsletter20200929 GPS Systems for the Earthmoving Contractor

29 September 2020

GPS Systems for the Earthmoving Contractor

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Newsletter20200924 10 Best Companies of 2020

24 September 2020

Winmate Awarded “10 Best Companies of 2020” by Industry Tech Outlook

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Newsletter20200827 Winmate 50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2020

27 August 2020

Winmate Named Among “50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2020” by The Silicon Review

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Newsletter20200618 Winmate Top 10 Oil and Gas Tech Solution Providers 2020

18 June 2020

Winmate: Top 10 Oil and Gas Tech Solution Providers 2020

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Newsletter2020041601 AI

16 April 2020

Winmate Awarded Innovative Global Rugged Mobile Technology Developer – 2019

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5 March 2020

Winmate Announces Distribution Partnership with JLT Mobile Computers

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1 August 2019

Winmate Listed as Top 10 Display Technology Solution Provider in 2019

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23 Apr 2019

Winmate IoT Gateways are Microsoft Azure IoT & AWS IoT Greengrass Certified

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