DNV Approved Marine Panel PC and Display.

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Industry cutting-edge display and computer solutions to enable the vessel bridges of the future

Vol. 1 – 2021

Industry cutting-edge display and computer solutions to enable the vessel bridges of the future


In our age of rapid technological advancement, the marine and offshore industries are continually searching for new ways to take advantage of the technology tidal wave’s latest benefits.

In maritime activities and naval forces, rapid, reliable, and durable technology are mission-critical. Winmate offers marine products that feature industrial-grade design and undergo rigorous testing beyond military standard compliance to ensure safety and performance. The innovative Marine Panel PC, Display, and EAC Box PC deliver power, peripheral connectivity, and the ability to control and power multiple devices at once while meeting marine equipment standards DNVGL-CG-0339, IEC60945, and IACS E10.

For over 25 years, Winmate Inc.- has a long track record in the Marine Market, providing robust and reliable solutions for our customers and partners.

We are the preferred supplier of Marine Computers and Marine Displays for leading OEMs in the marine market and provide solutions for ECDIS and Radar as well as Automation and communication applications. The robust yet elegant designs and years of experience developing marine electronic solutions make Winmate Inc. the leader in this field. We also strive to provide excellent availability of our products, acknowledging our customer’s need for on-time delivery and long-term availability. In the design phase, we carefully select our components to secure an extended build state – further, we have a system to handle EOL issues to our customers’ benefit. Our things use the advantages of paperless and also filmless interaction in the mission-critical treatment, plus all item solutions guarantee top professional quality (MARINE GRADE CERTIFICATIONS). Winmate Inc. has gotten particular respect, such as the “Taiwan Excellence Award 2021” in the Ultra Rugged tablet computer system compilation.

Making Sure the MARINE GRADE commercial display-Due’s endurance to its army application, the MARINE GRADE certification process is made complex through high-security clearance requirements. To maintain the qualification and get, the manufacturer must acquire the proper safety space for applicable employees to access all needed records with a particular country’s national safety and security authorizations.
Additionally, the rapid advancement of electronic devices and technologies implies that all parts of a MARINE GRADE certified unit have an all-natural end-of-life situation. Each time a brand new element is launched to the system, the MARINE GRADE accreditation’s credibility has to be re-ensured. All adjustments to the system and also its elements must be permitted to promote the certification.
For system integrators and end-users, this means choosing the right supplier is essential to guarantee stability and long-term delivery.

Traditionally featured in combat rooms and tactical rooms, as well as on the bridge of navy ships and vessels, MARINE GRADE certified industrial displays and systems offer a broad range in areas of use:

1. War rooms

Whether found in a land-based military facility or aboard navy ships and boats, war areas, combat areas, and military areas typically feature numerous display screens or Panel computing.

2. Mobile ground security containers

Vital to contemporary war, mobile phone ground monitoring compartments supply support for soldiers in the business, making use of thermal cams, radar, and a multitude of sensors to draw up the circumstance and location.

3. Embassies and government buildings

In add-on to army centers, authorities generally, such as consular offices, might be prominent targets for abroad information interceptions.

Typically, any sort of center– political or even military– dealing with vulnerable and classified information can gain from embracing Marine-grade displays and panel computing.

Marine Solution Application

Key Factors to Consider

Winmate Inc. provides and also manufactures center elements for the marine business and also gives an extensive portfolio of items, including:

  • Panel Computers

  • Displays

  • Computers & Servers

  • Ethernet Switches/ IOT getaway

Additionally, Winmate Inc. supplies mixtures of modern technologies like ECDIS & NVIS.

1. DNV certificate

DNV certificate is deemed a high-quality label, proving that a tool gets usage on the link or even in an essential framework. Within IEC demands, there are still shortcuts offered that allow for absolute deviations; having said that, each shortcut taken will break down the final product’s quality and safety, and security. This “squirm space” is dealt with due to the DNV, who are not thus lax.

2. All equipment must be IEC 60945

approved-In to satisfy the industry’s stringent security and safety demands. All devices and also components put in on a ship’s bridge or even as a portion of the critical framework need to be evaluated due to the IEC 60945 criteria and also regulations. DNV-GL (or some of the various other certified and identified 3rd party distinction communities) will undoubtedly conduct an audit of the devices.

3. Shock and Vibration

Marine vessels experience differing resonances, and also elements have to be assessed in many unique patterns.

4. Electromagnetic interference (EMI)

The electromagnetic power that affects the functioning of a digital tool. Marine vessels experience differing resonances, and also elements have to be assessed in many unique patterns.

5. Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC)

A component’s capacity to run as meant in its mutual operating atmosphere while not affecting other tools’ ability within the very same atmosphere to work as wanted.

6. Industrial grade equipment provides additional stability

When opting for a MARINE GRADE unit supplier is the high quality and ruggedness of the tools; industrial-level devices provide additional stability-Another another essential part of thinking about. While the license guarantees lessened emanations, it performs undoubtedly does not direct the hardware itself’s quality and longevity. For included coatings of reliability, life expectancy, and protection, one should always choose industrial-grade equipment approved and up to date along with the needs and requirements relevant to the atmosphere through which it will be located. Irrespective of whether that area is on the link of a ship, a mobile surveillance facility, or an embassy meeting room, using the reputable and suitable devices will verify helpful over time.

Technology Options

Marine-Grade: Certification

The marine certified Panel PCs are designed for maritime applications and combine IoT integration to assist with vessel navigation, monitoring & surveillance, and ship automation systems. Winmate’s Marine Series are all tested for DNV 2.4 Standards, IEC60945, and IACS-E10 to meet international maritime regulations.

  • One-Stop-Shop Service: HW + SW+ PM+ Factory with all in one total Solution
  • Safety Certification: IEC 60945, IACS-E10,CE/FCC Class B
  • Standard Warranty: 2 Years
  • Extended Warranty: 5+ Years
  • Product Longevity: 5 ~ 7 Years
  • DVN GL
DVN GL Certification


DVN GL is an autonomous and independent foundation with the objectives of safeguarding life, property and the environment at sea and on shore. DNV certification related to quality of ships, offshore units and installations of the system and components. DNV Requirements are harmonized with IACS Unified Requirements E10 and IEC publication 60945.

IEC 60945 Certification

IEC 60945

Equipment wished to be use in navigation and radio communication systems is to comply with IEC Publication No. 60945, “Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems – General Requirements- Method of testing and required test results”.

IACS-E10 Certification


International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) is an organization that provides technical support and guidance for promoting the safety of life, property and the environment through the verification of compliance with technical and engineering standards for the design, construction and life-cycle maintenance of ships, offshore units and other marine-related facilities.

Winmate Products: Overview

Winmate ECDIS Marine Panel PCs are built and tested according to DNV Standard Certification 2.4, IEC60945, and IACS-E10 for maritime applications. Color calibrated for ECDIS compliance, dimming brightness, projective capacitive multi-touch screen, and capacitive touch keys, and wide voltage range power input 9-36 V DC acceptable. Available in various sizes from 10.4″ to 24″ for Marine Chassis and Marine Flush Mount enclosure.

  • Wide dimming adjusting through PWM control (Optional for Panel PC)
  • Aluminum, anodized Flush Mount front Bezel
  • with IP65 front

  • Housing with powder coating design Anti Salt

  • Anti Corrosion
  • Protected glass, touch option
  • Isolated 9~36VDC broad voltage input
  • Anti-Shock and Vibration enhanced
  • Wide Viewing angle option

1. Reliable Computing Certified for Marine Applications

Winmate ECDIS Marine Panel PCs are built and tested according to DNV 2.4 Standard, IEC60945, and IACS-E10 to meet the marine industry’s international regulatory requirements. Winmate performs in-house reliability test to ensure optimal performance in harsh maritime environments.

2. ECDIS Reliability for the Real Marine Colors Representation

On Winmate ECDIS, Marine Panel PC users can adjust to a day, dusk, or night mode through the capacitive touch key to accommodate any lighting situation. Winmate calibrates color settings at the factory for accurate color reproduction according to the IEC 61174 ECDIS Standard.

3. Sleek Design for Modern Bridge Workstations

Easy to maintain and clean. The glass cover lens provides excellent protection from scratch and reduces the gap for a possible accumulation of dust and liquid. The true-flat surface also gives a slim and elegant appearance to the device that goes beyond that of the standard industrial, marine computers with a sleek and edge-to-edge design, rugged construction, powerful performance, and flexible mounting options.

4. Ultimate Touch Experience

Enhance customer experience with PCAP touch that supports multi-touch and can easily be controlled by fingers. Enjoy every touch and convenience when using the ECDIS Marine Panel PC, and experience the ultimate durability in some of the most demanding applications, such as bridge navigation and control.

5. Conformal Coating

Conformal covering product is applied to electronic wiring to secure versus moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes that, if uncoated (non-protected), can lead to damage or failing of the electronics to work. When electronics should withstand extreme atmospheres, as well as included defense, is needed, the majority of motherboard assembly houses coat settings up with a layer of a transparent conformal layer as opposed to potting. With the UV light examination, Winmate can make sure of the complete coverage of the coating.

6. Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding is preferred amongst the army, marine, clinical, transport, and retail industries, whereby a higher-performing display is called for as a result of the harsh atmospheres. Optical Bonding fits sectors that tend to use stringent display screens in high-reliability settings or markets where display screens need to be seen in high ambient light conditions. When applied to tools that run outdoors or in heavily lighted environments, the procedure of Optical Bonding is incredibly well-matched and much more effective. The added resin layer in optical Bonding takes in shock. This provides high durability for use in public access locations, manufacturing facilities, or other extreme atmospheres.

  • Marine Certification Introduction

Marine Certification Introduction
Did you know

If you are a watercraft or commercial ate ECDIS Marine Pamarine boat, ship or submarinenel PCs are built and manufacturer and you need custom OEM ruggedized marine grade touchscreen solutions designed and built to your system requirements contact the display engineers at Winmate inc. We can custom build marine grade touchscreens and have 3rd party independent testing and certification that you require for your integration project.

Notice that features may vary by product line and each model. Please refer to a product datasheet available on the website.

  • Comparison of the performance

Comparison of the performance
Enhanced Ruggedness
Panels without bonding have less resistance against wear and tear.


In the last years, Winmate Inc. has established a positive track record and a proven track document of shipment to the naval and protection markets, offering customized solutions that integrate the finest quality hardware products with the most recent modern technology. We understand that we have gotten a wealth of experience and knowledge relating to the Marine grade certification procedure that guarantees our Marine grade panel computer/ Display is authorized certified for ventures operating in sturdy or possibly hazardous atmospheres. Our team believes that using a top-class product is understanding our clients’ demands and challenges and design our products according to the atmospheres, specifications, and criteria.

Our range of Marine grade options is based on innovative style techniques, careful manufacturing procedures, and rigorous testing programs developed via more than 25 years of experience.

Marine Panel PC R10ID3S-MRM2

10.4″ Marine Panel PC
Intel® Atom N2600
(1M Cache, 1.6 GHz)

ECDIS Marine Display W26IH3S-MRA1FP

26″ ECDIS Marine Display
Projected Capacitive
Multi Touch Screen

EAC Mini Box PC I330EAC

EAC Mini Box PC
Intel® Core™ i5-7200U
Kaby Lake, 2.5 GHz