Winmate Business

Partner mobile app

Winmate Inc, a rugged computing solutions provider, is pleased to announce that the new generation of Winmate Partner App is now available both on iOS and Android.

Winmate Partner Business is a mobile application to choose the Winmate products best suited to your use case and acquire detailed information about these products and solutions. Registered Partners can use the app to check channel policy, webinar recordings, project registration, etc. It is truly a bridge between Winmate and its partners, users, and fans.

Winmate Business

Society and its people are moving faster than ever. Mobile devices have brought internet connectivity right into our palms. Winmate Business Partner app makes the best use of this connectivity, enabling you to work whenever and wherever you are. Whether you’re taking a taxi with your clients, traveling on business, or at a project site, visit our Partner app in no time to access information on Winmate products and solutions.

Winmate Business Partner App contains three modules:

VR EXPO Product:

Primary product offerings from Winmate Healthcare grade, Defense grade, Rugged handheld, VMC, ATEX grade products, networking solutions, and more


Solutions modules contain Winmate’s vertical market solutions responding to the critical challenges of each market, strengths of the Winmate solution, topology, and its associated products. It has in-depth solutions for the Defense, Healthcare, Transportation, Food & Chemical Industry, Industrial Automation, and Automotive Technology.


Winmate Industry Academy equips our customers with the skills required to use our products effectively. Given our product’s vast array of functions and features, training your employees is essential to get the most out of our solutions. The Winmate Industry Academy is our service for enabling your employees to achieve the best possible results with our products.

Winmate Business Partner is well in line with Winmate’s core value of customer orientation. It improves the convenience and efficiency of choosing the right products and configuring a solution correctly. Winmate highly encourages our partners, users, and fans to download the Winmate Business Partner app from Apple App Store and Google play store.



IP69K Stainless P Series Panel PC
15”/ 19”/ 21.5”/ 23.8”

IP69K Stainless P Series Panel PC

The IP69K Stainless P Series comes with a waterproof conduit pipe for extra cable protection. The IP69K rating makes these Panel PCs suitable for substantial wash downs, while the stainless housing also provides resistance against corrosion and strong cleaning agents – perfect for food and chemical industries. Plus, the displays are easy to set up with either VESA or Yoke mounting options.

G-WIN GC Series Panel PC
7”/ 10.1”/12.1”/ 10.4”/ 15”

G-WIN GC Series Panel PC

The elegantly designed yet rugged, industrial-grade GC series is designed for usability with brilliant true-flat screens, which offer superior readability and a PCAP touch screen. Winmate heavy-duty panel computers come in many different configurations, all featuring front side waterproof and dustproof design.

IBDRW100-P DIN-Rail Box PC

IBDRW100-P DIN Rail Box PC

Winmate ATEX DIN Rail Box PC is a compact industrial automation controller suitable for a wide variety of industrial IoT, automation, and machine-to-machine applications. The powerful processing combined with extensive and flexible I/O for legacy connection. Supports a DIN (Deutsche Industries Norm) rail mount installation.