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Channel partners are the core to Winmate’s overall success in delivering market-ready solutions.


Winmate commits to providing value-added and timely services to partners.


Winmate commits that conflict will be managed and resolved with the highest level of prioritization and transparency.


Winmate commits to strengthen the relationships with Partners to develop a Partner Community.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Winmate offers co-marketing opportunities to its partners. You will be able to receive access to marketing tools, funds to grow your business with us.

Marketing Assistance
Marketing support is available to the partners based on their program level. These include co-branding, co-exhibition, and digital marketing tools.

Marketing Development Fund (MDF)
Based on the program level, a partner can apply for the Marketing Development Fund (MDF).

You can apply for the MDF through Winmate Partner Portal.

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MDF Application

Marketing Development Funds (MDF) are administrated from application to claims & tracking via our online tool accessed from Winmate Partner Portal.


Get Started

Login to Winmate Partner Portal.
Navigate to MDF Tool.


Submit Application

Submit your application, describe the details of your project – name, goal, target audience.


Wait for Approval

Your project is reviewed and dispositioned. Wait for the approval 4-6 weeks.


Submit a Claim

Upon completion of the marketing project, log in to Partner Portal to apply for a claim.


Receive Payment

Once your claim is reviewed, you will receive the payment in 4-6 weeks.

Login to MDF Tool

Login to Partner Portal and navigate to MDF Tool.

Winmate Digital Marketing Platform provides partners with content syndication, email marketing campaigns, social media syndication, and analytics.

Let’s dig into how each of these functions will help you to generate leads:

Content Syndication

Today’s buyers spend nearly 70%* of their research and consideration process online, making it critical for organizations to deliver engaging website content. And, we understand that the constant creation and maintenance of fresh web content that engages site visitors and aligns with Winmate EMC’s messaging can be a real drain on your time and resources.

Content syndication enables you to:

  • Deliver targeted, relevant content to website visitors
  • Lift the burden of constant content development
  • Boost conversion rates and generate new qualified leads
  • Easily personalize and customize content to support your value proposition

Multi-Tactic Campaigns

The Winmate Digital Marketing Platform makes it easy to coordinate multi-tactic marketing campaigns that build your pipeline and accelerate revenue growth.

With Email Marketing Campaigns, you get:

  • Turn-key execution of coordinated co-branded campaigns that leverage a wide array of marketing tactics and activities
  • Access to valuable Winmate EMC Digital Marketing Platform assets to support marketing and sales efforts
  • Detailed lead scoring across multiple prospect touchpoints
  • Closed-loop reporting to share results with Winmate EMC Digital Marketing Platform
  • Full-service campaign support and strategic insight

Social Media Syndication

Social media is more than just an extension of your marketing plan. Social media is a proven way to capture leads, expand your client base and nurture customers before, during, and after-sales.

Today, nearly 70% of your buyer’s journey happens before the sales organization is engaged.* And, 74% of IT buyers find social media useful during the buying cycle.**

The number of marketing leads that social media produces is nearly double that of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Yet, social media management is time consuming and resource intensive.

With Social Media Syndication on the Winmate Digital Marketing Platform, you can bypass the costs and complexities of social media curation and management.

In addition, Social Media Syndication on the Winmate Digital Marketing Platform enables to you:

  • Turn up the volume on social media and connect with key targets without any extra time, effort or cost
  • Increase the frequency and relevance of your social media outreach by customizing content and posting schedules
  • Amplify your online reputation as thought leader in your industry
  • Measure engagement and see who’s visiting your website with analytics
  • Collect leads with social media forms

Get started with the Winmate Digital Marketing Platform

Access to the Winmate Digital Marketing Platform is available at no cost to Winmate MDF partners.

Take advantage of simplified lead generation and social outreach. Log into the Winmate Partner Portal and visit the Campaign Center to learn more about the Winmate Digital Marketing Platform and to create your partner company account.

Put the power of the Winmate Digital Marketing Platform to work for you. Simply register, and start seeing results!

Application Review and Approval

You will certainly get a verification e-mail after you apply, Winmate will evaluate your project.

Application approval status

Approved The application has been approved and is now ready for implementation.
Declined The application has been declined.
Incomplete Application is incomplete; please provide more details and re-submit your request.
Canceled The marketing project has been canceled.

If you receive an alert that your application has been marked incomplete, it is a sign that Winmate would like more details about this co-marketing activity. Please login to the MDF tool via the Partner Portal and re-submit with the requested additional information within five days of the request.

Funding Decision

You will receive a notification if the project has been approved or declined. If an application is approved, you will receive the funding after the completion of the project. If the project gets rejected, you will receive a notification and the reason for the decline.

Co-Marketing Materials

When developing co-marketing activities, submit collateral and other required materials to Winmate before completion to ensure messaging, trademarking, and branding. Winmate will review all the marketing materials up to 85% of the project to ensure co-branding. Submission of final documents is necessary during the claims process as proof of performance.

You can upload your marketing materials in the Partner Portal.

If you need assistance in creating flyers, posters, eDM, please contact Winmate:

Submitting Claims

Add proof-of-performance documents

Submitting a claim is an essential step for you to receive payments from Winmate. Login to MDF Tool through the Partner Portal and upload all the required proof-of-performance documents.


Upload a photocopy of invoices a spreadsheet of the costs that occurred during the co-marketing project.

Supporting Document

Upload each proof-of-performance material.

Acceptable Photo
Not acceptable 800x485 1

Online Marketing Content

For online marketing activities, please provide a URL to the content.

Receiving Payment

After you submit a claim, you will receive an e-mail confirmation that your request is being reviewed. If more information is required, you will receive another e-mail notification, and you will have to submit it within 10 days.

Upon the approval of your first payment, you will receive an e-mail, which includes a request to enter your banking details. For future payments, you will receive a similar e-mail notification that payment is pending. You can confirm or update your bank details if needed. If there is no change in your bank details, payment will proceed to the bank account provided earlier.

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You can expect to receive your payment in 4-6 weeks.

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